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Wireless LED Brake And Turn Light For Helmets

If You Are Seen, You Are Safe.

If you ride, or know someone that does, you know visibility is a top concern. Studies from all over the globe prove what we already know. Motorcyclists get hit because they are not seen. Most often, they get hit from behind. 

These Brake and Turn Lights are providing an enormous amount of security for motorcyclists all over the world. They provide an enormous amount of visibility and save lives. This will ensure the driver behind you can clearly see what it is you are doing, during foggy days and especially at night time.    

This Wireless Helmet Brake Light, has one transmitter and one 8-LED receiver which is very bright, even in the daytime. The receiver consists of 8 LED light bulbs. When the rider applies the brake, the receiver unit will send a signal to the brake light. This will ensure the safety of the rider. Enjoy your ride knowing that you'll be safe!

Very easy installation, done in minutes! Detailed instructions are provided.


Package Includes:
CE Wireless LED Brake and Turn Light
Transmitter Box
Instruction Manual 
Screw Driver