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Magic Foot Shower Scrub

Treat your feet to a pamper at home! Give your feet a refreshing massage from heel to toe with the Brush Cleaner Slipper! Simply roll your foot over the brush and scrub for a clean and massaging feel. Reduce the hassle of bending over to clean your feet! 

Main Features:

  • High Effectiveness: Over 1,000 bristles to clean the feet from top to bottom, gently and effectively remove dirt and dead skin to reveal soft and silky feet
  • Secure and Inventive Design: Suction cups at the bottom that grips onto the floor and holds it in place; built-in detachable pumice stone for smoothing foot scrub
  • User-friendly: Clean your foot in minutes by slipping it in and out. It's like going for a spa pedicure every day.
  • One size fits all: Great for feet of all sizes. 


Product Size

11.02 x 5.51 x 4.33  inches

Product Weight

10.86 oz (308g)

Package Component

1 x cleaner slipper, 1 x removable pumice stone

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