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Door Draft Blocker

Our Door Blockade is the perfect home accessory to save you energy and money!⚡
The lightweight blocker slides easily underneath your door to keep Warm Air In and Cold Air Out. It'll also keep bugs, dust, and odors from entering your home.


  • QUALITY DESIGN: Crafted to keep warm air in and cold air out
  • EASY TO USE: Slides easily underneath your door
  • PREVENTS BUGS: Will prevent pesky insects from creeping inside
  • REDUCES BAD AIR: Eliminates dust and odors from entering your home
  • ENERGY SAVINGS: Helps save energy and money
  • SIMPLE CLEAN UP: Cover can be removed and washed


Update: We have been blowing up on social media, for this reason, this product is only available for a limited time and supplies will run out very soon. Get yours before it is gone.

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