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Seven Chakra Orgone Pyramid


Each one of these mesmerizing pyramids will increase your vitality and activate the creative force within you while providing strategic wisdom as you go about your work in this world. The pyramid shape majorly magnifies this magic.

Balance your chakras in the morning to promote a full of life feeling, positive and hopeful. Balance your chakras at night to help calm you down, ease your mind and promote deeper sleep.

These Chakra orgonite pyramids emit intense, high-frequency vibrations that have been stored up from an accumulation of powerful Life Force energy. Not to mention how beautiful they are.

They also help against electromagnetic, elf and haarp radiations in the environment. Placing in areas like the office, house, garden and play area will be extremely beneficial.


  • Genuine gemstones and earth metals set in resin.
  • Infused with the Reiki symbol of power.
  • Pyramid geometry for protection from negativity.
  • Handmade by master Artisans in India
  • Size: 75mm (L) X 75 mm(B) X 70mm (H)