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Six Silver Mantra Rings - Buddha Ring

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Our Buddha Silver Mantra Rings Features six words of the divine Buddhist's Mantras ( Om Mani Padme Hum ) and is made of top quality 925 Silver. This ring also features the lotus flower which is a symbol of purity and fortune in Buddhism.

The fully bloomed Lotus represents Divine spiritual and self awareness.

  •  Carved with the 6 words of the Buddhist mantras, both sides containing lotus flowers and a lotus flower on the inside of the ring
  • Unisex
  • Perfect for any occasion
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  • Limited Edition and not available in stores
  • Free Shipping for a limited time

It focuses on the progression of:

  • Om - Generosity
  • Ma - Ethics
  • Ni - Patience
  • Pad - Perseverance
  • Me - Concentration
  • Hum - Wisdom 

The traditional six-word mantra is used for this piece to make it very meaningful.

While chanting "Om", one should try to become one with the Buddha.

"Mani" means a treasure-begetting wish, which reportedly resides in the brain of the Dragon King and can attract all kinds of treasures.

"Padme" means lotus, indicating that Buddha's dharma is as pure as a lotus.

"Hum" indicates that one must rely on divine energy to achieve Buddhahood.


  • Metal Type: 925 Silver
  • Weight: Around 10.2 g
  • Height: Around 1.7cm
  • Surface Width: 5mm