R u kidding me! I sleep out in a hammock when I go up to the woods in Maine , as cold as 19 below zero. Any face mask I ever wore would be all frosted up by morning. NOT this one ☝️ it awesome. I got 9 more for my grand kids. They company needs to make an XXL in this hat. Some come too small.

Alex Thomas Jr.

 I bought one to ride my bike in cold weather. Its very breathable. It keeps your head real warm to the point I start sweating. No cold air gets in unless you breathe it in. Looks great. Kids think you are a ninja. I think I look like Dark Vader. I highly recommend buying one. What you think?

Keith Strong

I have one of these on my best they fantastic everyone that sees it says they got to get one. Great safety product.

Mike Walter

 Yeah Ive been having mine for about a week now.. I ordered it a week before Christmas best $20 ever

Travis Simon Jr.

One of the safest things you can do on two wheels is to fit H.I.Ds on. They can be seen for miles. The traffic moves out of your way, way ahead of you. You are noticed. High Intense Display. So much more powerful than incandescent headlights and only use just over half the power than ordinary ones. I love mine to bits. Motorway signs can be seen a long way before you get to them. They just light everything up, including your confidence when riding at night. Be very careful they are aligned correctly though. BRILLIANT.

Tony Griffiths